Under Rodrigo, I wasn’t really expecting much strength gains since I mainly reached out to improve my health and drop a little bit of weight. However, a couple weeks into the strength program I was able to touch weight I normally would only be loading on the bar when I’m prepping for a meet. He has helped me improve my technique along the way making my lifts a lot smoother. I’ve made some big leaps under him in just a short time, but this is only the beginning. Numbers just continue to go up along with confidence.
– Aldrix Lagman
As a serious powerlifter who had endured injury, I chose Greater Human Performance’s strength coaching with the goal of gaining strength back while maintaining a focus on health. Throughout each lifting block, there was a collaborative effort to ensure health was prioritized while increasing strength for my upcoming meet. They not only succeeded in getting me back on the platform after a three-year hiatus but exceeded my meet-day expectations entirely. Through Greater Human Performance, I have improved my training philosophy, increased my training numbers, and reinvigorated my overall passion for powerlifting.
– Angelo Alfano
The experience I had with my coach was terrific. Before working with Rodrigo, I was plateaued and I couldn’t enjoy the training. He gave me a good training program and feedback frequently. He not only taught me many things, but he also incorporated my input into the program. I learned a lot about training and nutrition. Without his guidance, I don’t think I would have been able to continue training and improve my record without getting injured.
Specifically, we lost my body weight from 83 kg to 74 kg, and then we were able to increase my Personal Record by 15 kg from 530 kg, which was my best record in the 83 kg weight class.
I am really proud of what we make together. It is a valuable experience for me. I would like to apply this experience to my future training.  

– Yoshiki Ishii
Working with Rodrigo was a game-changing experience. I started with Rodrigo having concerns about my fatigue management and technique with various movements. During our time we fixed these issues and also made great strength gains.
What allured me to hire Rodrigo were his many recognitions in the field from coaching experience, dietetics, and being a competitive lifter himself. I was highly impressed with the communication I received with Rodrigo. Receiving updated programs and answers to questions were always in a prompt professional manner. 
Finally, I cannot say how impressed I was during my 1st full power meet with Rodrigo. The day of lifting couldn’t have gone by any smoother thanks to his expertise handling. Rodrigo emanates passion for his craft and athletes. If you have the opportunity to work with Rodrigo and compete in person with him, I highly recommend it.

– Nathaniel Andrade
Coach Rodrigo has an incredibly hands-on approach when it comes to training his athletes. He takes the time to explain not only how to do an exercise, but why we are doing it and how it is going to benefit the athlete in the long run. The programming is top-notch and very different from how many coaches are programming, but the results speak for themselves! We have added over 40kg to my total in a little over 6 months! 
– Dustin Jackson
Before working with Rodrigo, I plateaued in all three lifts and knew it was because of my technique. Rodrigo showed me the proper way to perform all three movements safely and efficiently. I even learned about the little miscellaneous things that affect your performance. With everything I’ve learned, I am more confident in my performance. If you are looking for a coach that cares about your overall health and performance, coach Rodrigo is the way.
-Anthony Bernal
Greater Human Performance has been amazing. Our coach is not only incredibly knowledgeable but one of the most understanding coaches I’ve worked with. As long as there is open communication GHP will help you reach your goals so long as you are willing to work.
Speaking from experience I am first a mother then an athlete & a coach understands that. He also knows so much about anatomy and how the body works. Any time his athletes come to him with an issue his brain goes into a frenzy looking for solutions. He doesn’t just put a band-aid on he finds a long-term fix.
I’ve been working with GHP for a little less than a year and not only have my lifts improved tremendously my form is getting better with each block. If you’re looking for a supportive community and an educated and knowledgeable coach GHP is where it’s at. The love and care we have for each other are rare.
– Kimmy Jackson
Training with Greater Human Performance has helped me tremendously with a multitude of items, but I’d say the number 1 item in my health. Rodrigo is on the ball when it comes to warm-ups, stretches, programming, and techniques that play a big role in keeping my lifts pain-free and increasing in strength. Recently I pressed a 191kg/421lbs paused rep bench all-time personal record (pictured) with quite a bit of room to spare.
-Andrew Jones
Started working with Rodrigo about a year ago to get the most out of my nutrition for powerlifting purposes. Rodrigo is great to work with, doesn’t just give you your macros but asks for your opinion and shares his reasons why he makes certain decisions. We managed to make weight several times and set a total of 6 national records as a team. I would definitely recommend working with Rodrigo to reach your goals!
-Faustino De Groot